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This is Kompozition

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Kompozition creates and manages a knowledge graph.

Kompozition - Digital mission thread engineering
Kompozition creates and manages a knowledge graph. A single, continuous, integrated digital thread of information from the definition of operational concept in the operational environment (mission threads), through specification, contract/requirements, architecture & design and the qualification of that design against the intent.

The US Department of Defence Mission Engineering Guide cites a definition of Mission Engineering as "the deliberate planning, analyzing, organizing, and integrating of current and emerging operational and system capabilities to achieve desired war fighting mission effects".

Such a discipline requires a deep, accurate and shared understanding of the information that defines these capabilities and the operational environments in which those capabilities can be deployed under certain conditions to achieve desired effects and to minimise undesired effects.

Central to enabling Mission Engineering is the ability to identify, define, and digitally capture mission threads in a way that can:

  • Be analysed to understand and explore possible courses of action and their antecedent conditions, states and events, and their probabilities and consequences; and

  • Be used to drive and accelerate assured engineering, design and development.

Kompozition is an Australian company that has built a platform for enabling Digital Mission Engineering through modelling and validating mission threads through the machine-assisted generation (and linking) of engineering, design and assurance information from those mission thread models. Kompozition was founded on a language and methodology for modelling the behaviour of systems (at all levels of detail) that came from the mind of a great Australian, the late Prof. Geoff Dromey, and was innovated through application over the last 20 years with Defence and the Defence industry.

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