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Kompozition is More than Just a Platform.

It's also about our approach.

As we build larger and larger systems, and systems of systems, we need tools and techniques to support us in understanding them and making predictions about their operation and performance. We need to be able to develop a deep, accurate and shared understanding of the relationships between context/environment and constraint, function, performance and form (design) throughout the entire definition, acquisition/development, integration, test and evaluation, and release lifecycle of a system. We must be able to draw upon this knowledge to understand the impact of change, failure and obsolescence during operational sustainment. It's our customer success program, which is 95% outside of training, that allows us to be the industry benchmark. We are so serious about the success of our clients implementation of the Kompozition MBSE platform that we not only provide comprehensive training to all stakeholders but we reinforce our service with ongoing connection to assist with the developing model, provide future tips and answer questions. Kompozition works in partnership with our trained SME's post course, advancing their skillset giving guidance and furthering the partnership to ensure client success. #kompozition #MBSE #customersuccess #morethanjustasystem #seriousaboutsuccess #digitalmissionengineering
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